1.5.1 Updates and some future plans

Today we'll be sending out 1.5.1 style updates to those with active licenses. This brings XenBase up-to-date with XenForo 1.5.1, addresses a few issues with the recently introduced Off-Canvas Menu along with some other minor bug fixes.

See the change-log and information about the Off-Canvas Menu improvements in the post below.

What are our plans here at Pixel Exit?

New Site
Over the past couple months we've been working on a brand new style for Pixel Exit. We don't have an exact date on when it will be ready but we're really excited to get it launched. Overall the whole goal of the re-design is to improve your experience on here. If you have a specific suggestion for our website please send me a message on here.

Style Re-visits
We started selling styles for Pixel Exit over two and a half years ago, I can say with full confidence we've come a long way since then. Over the past the year our focus has been on developing and improving XenBase which powers all of our premium styles. While we will continue to improve XenBase as we see fit we want to take some time going through each of our styles to touch them up as best as we can. The plan is to do showcases for each one where we actually document the changes we're making and explain the reasoning behind some of the bigger changes. If you want to give specific feedback or suggestions on a style feel free to post it here.

Flat Awesome +
I'll be launching a brand new style soon which is a premium version of our popular Flat Awesome. Stay tuned for that (y)

Thank you everyone.


Is tickets still under active development? I'd like to buy more licenses once it is more fleshed out.
Yup, it's under development still. Had some personal matters to deal with which messed up my schedule so I've been catching up with work I missed out on hence the slow updates. Next update is coming soon. :)

Pre-Sale Questions

If you have any questions or concerns you want to ask before you make a purchase don't hesitate to use one of our multiple support channels for your convenience.