1.5.12 Style Updates

Hello everyone, we're pushing our 1.5.12 updates out today. Once you receive the email you'll be able to download it immediately with an active license via your licenses area.


As always please backup your styles first by exporting them prior to importing and overwriting.

To see details on general upgrading:

Here's a list of the current changes in 1.5.12:
  • FIXED Sticky sidebar CSS in mobile
  • FIXED Collapse Sidebar HTML loading even without a sidebar
  • FIXED Off-Canvas Sidebar HTML loading even without a sidebar
  • FIXED Structured Data error when using FA-Icon in-place of Home
  • FIXED Responsive discussion list view
  • FIXED A few misc CSS bugs
  • ADDED: xb_moderator_bar_custom.css, this will allow you to set custom CSS if the moderator bar is showing.
  • ADDED: span wrapper around the search text when the search is set as a navigation tab
  • ADJUSTED Sidebar JS functions (collapse and sticky) to allow for better compatibility with Xenporta and possibly other add-ons which add sidebars.
Updated templates:
  • breadcrumb
  • navigation
  • moderator_bar
  • discussion_list.css
  • search_bar.css
  • xb.css
  • xb_js_body
  • xb_message.css
  • xb_mobile_enhancements.css
  • xb_navigation.css
  • xb_retina.css

If you have ANY questions do not hesitate to ask. I'll be around monitoring the forums the best I can to help as fast as I can. As always... we truly appreciate your business, thank you.

Thank you, for any bugs please report them in the Bug Reports area.
I always post the new announcements early, which is why I specifically mention when you get an email you can download it :)
I uploaded all of the files and then uploaded the XMLs to overwrite both parent styles, but it says this

There were 3 outdated templates and I merged them using the new version.

EDIT: i accidentally uploaded the XML as a child of Flat Awesome instead of overwriting it. It is fixed now.
Our updates coincide with XF updates. Running a version of a style that was exported from a newer version of XF cause some weird outdated templates, so I suggest not updating your style until you update XF.
Any chance there is a step by step walkthrough in updating xenforo and your skins to these latest versions? First time Im updating anything.

Im also not clear on how to back up.

Pre-Sale Questions

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