1.5.13 Style Updates

Hello everyone, we're pushing our 1.5.13 updates out today. Once you receive the email you'll be able to download it immediately with an active license via your licenses area.

This is a rather large XenBase focusing primarily on the back end organization, bug fixes and just a general clean up. We aim to keep each release as easy as possible to upgrade but with this version we definitely pushed to clean things. You must upgrade your forum to at least 1.5.13 to install this update.

As always backup your current styles before importing the new version. Export your current:
  • XenBase
  • Parent Style (this would be the purchased style such as Core, Flat Awesome + ect)
  • Your child style with your edits
To upgrade the style check out our guide here: https://pixelexit.com/resources/general-style-upgrading.15/

  • If your forum list looks a little off: You may need to revert the following properties:
    • Style Properties -> Forum / Node list -> Node Last Post
    • Style Properties -> Forum / Node List -> Node Text Block
    • Style Properties -> Node Icons -> Node Icon
If you have other problems please don't hesitate to start a support ticket or post in our customer support forum.


  • ADDED xb_offcanvas_controls template to house the default menu + recent posts link. You can easily add custom links here without having to edit the navigation template

  • ADDED Register Link property, you can easily style the color of the register link when logged out ( Style Properties -> Login Bar)

  • ADDED Logo Max Height property ( Style Properties -> Header and Navigation )

  • ADDED Panel Links styling to target links inside notices (Style Properties -> Notices -> Panel Links

  • ADDED Welcome Bar Fade-in and out option (can make it so it just always stays active to logged out users)

  • ADDED Prefix Primary & Secondary styling (Style Properties -> General -> Left Column at the bottom)

  • ADDED New default avatars, use transparent background which inherits from Style Properties -> General -> Avatars

  • FIXED Login bar spacing is now hidden when default handle is removed

  • FIXED Style Properties -> Forum / Node List -> Node Titles wouldn't let you set the color here by default in XenForo, we've made a slight change so you can easily change the color

  • FIXED Collapsed Sidebar FA-Icon had a bad html class

  • FIXED Horizontal Message quotes/codes/attachments margin-right

  • FIXED Node Customization Sub-Headings will now inherit their respecting colors set in the Node Heading Colors

  • FIXED Editor Image icons using RTL

  • FIXED Can no longer use user panel if the logo is set inside the navigation (would just not show previously)

  • FIXED Various aspects of the User Panel:
    • Automatically adjusts the logo block
    • Minimized properties, you can now control it via a single property, the links will inherit the hover/open effect of the normal menus for easy styling
    • Avatar automatically adjusts to the height of the panel.

  • FIXED threadStarter conditional showing in convos as well

  • FIXED Bug where our user banner option to show in member card + member list, the div was always showing with extra spacing even with users who have no banners.

  • CHANGED Social Links RSS will now automatically link to your forums main RSS if enabled.

  • CHANGED All custom JS to the body template

  • CHANGED Off-Canvas navigation will now by default slide over the content, rather than pushing the content to the right.

  • CHANGED Sub-Forum icons can now be set in the same manner as the regular font awesome node icons (Style Properties -> Node Icons)

  • CHANGED If you disable the sub-navigation it will now disable the quick search if in position 0 or 1. Essentially the search would cover up the navigation with no sub-nav requiring far more work than to just switch to another position.

  • CHANGED The way we approach Node Stat FA Icons, previously it was either FA Icon or Text only, now by enabling the Node Stat Icon it will show next to the text. You can hide the text if you want by adding some simple CSS to your EXTRA.CSS:
    .xbNodeStatsText { display: none; }

  • CHANGED: Styling on the discussion list stats column slightly, now uses the main border color slightly opaque so it doesn't stand out too much.

  • CHANGED [XB] User Panel moved into [XB] Header and Navigation

  • CHANGED Quick Search Icon now serves as a submit link rather than a link to the search page. I believe this would be the expected behavior as an end user.

  • REMOVED: Collapse Sidebar Content was an old property not used

  • REMOVED Font Awesome Node Icon Size

  • REMOVED Category Footer go to top

  • REMOVED "xb_node_mark_read_phrase", now using the default XenForo phrase for marking a forum as read (mark_forums_read).

  • REMOVED Welcome Block CSS (xb_welcomeblock_css) - Was apparently never used

  • REMOVED Scroll Button Containers (xb_scroll_buttons_contianer)

  • REMOVED Body Helper CSS + option to enable, it's in the HTML by default now which you can use extra.css to style it
    .xbBodyhelper {CSS}

  • REMOVED: Node Stats (xb_stats_dl)

  • REMOVED: Node Stats Count (xb_stats_dd)

  • REMOVED: Node Alt 1 Background (xb_node_alt1) & Node Alt 2 Background (xb_node_alt2)

  • REMOVED: Node Alt 1 Hover (xb_alt1_hover) & Node Alt 2 Hover (xb_alt2_hover)

  • REMOVED: Discussion List Alt 1 BG (xb_discussionList_alt1) & Discussion List Alt 2 BG (xb_discussionList_alt2)

  • REMOVED: Stats <dl> (xb_discussionList_stats_dl)


Pixel Exit Staff
I wanted to take a moment and touch on a few things with this 1.5.13 update. One of my biggest goals in this one was to clean up the properties quite a bit. When you look at our properties now in the ACP everything will be prefixed by our [XB] tag, no more arrows which were confusing to some users:

Additionally I've tried to sort things in what I call a priority top down view. This means that the main sections are divided into how you'd view them scrolling down the forum itself (Header -> Content -> Sidebar -> Footer ect). Past the initial setup you'll find additional properties for areas that aren't used as much.

Over they years of developing XenBase, properties have come and gone and we've missed cleaning up a few of those which I believe I've now properly sorted and removed any non-functional properties.

Another big push was for the responsive view of the nodes. We took a similar approach to XF2's CSS to allow for far more consistent setup of the nodes when viewing on a mobile device. We had hard coded too many properties which depending on your layout may of needed manual tweaks. You should notice the look in mobile views has greatly improved.

Lastly I just want to apologize for the delay in this release. Our current 1.5.12 worked fine on 1.5.13 and I wanted to take my time on this update. Luckily if issues do arise we'll get them quickly patched with a 1.5.13.x release if need be.

Thank you all for your patience and let us know how the update goes. If you find a bug please report it here: https://pixelexit.com/forums/bug-reports.77/


There are several "outdated templates" after upgrading. When merging templates how do I know whether I should resolve using parent version, resolve using custom version, or resolve using both?


Pixel Exit Staff
There are several "outdated templates" after upgrading. When merging templates how do I know whether I should resolve using parent version, resolve using custom version, or resolve using both?

Unfortunately not an easy answer. Parent version would get rid of your edit made in that area. Custom would be just your edit and both is well both. The merge system is nice but can be complicated. What you can do is click "View Custom Changes" on the template that shows outdated. Find the change that you made, could be adding a div or maybe removing a link in the navigation, make a note of the edit, revert the template and re-apply.

I personally prefer to fix outdated templates using Notepad ++ along with the plugin called "Compare". This may be a little more complicated but I just like it.

So in this case I copied the contents of PAGE_CONTAINER and pasted it into "new 3". I clicked revert on the template then opened it again and copied the contents to "new 1". Next I used the compare tool to see what is different. This is an easy way of seeing the changes you make to your template.


Pixel Exit Staff
open that template and save, it should disappear from there.
this is how i've done it in the past.
@Russ I have one Outdated Templates from child style "xb_js_body" and Merge Changes are not work. What we can do ?


Save and exit will clear the message and we do instruct you to do that sometimes. Normally like this open the template, click View Custom Changes and see what was changed. If I recall we may of tried changing something on your setup to help with that third party plugin issue. Your template you'll need to just revert.


Pixel Exit Staff
Last Post Avatar Plugin Issue...
I'm noticing an issue of the last post avatar showing up twice. Until I find out why it's doing it place this into your extra.css:

.nodeLastPostWrapper > a img { display: none; }


Pixel Exit Staff
View custom changes (it's a link at the bottom when viewing the template), look for whatever you edited, copy it and revert the template. Then reapply


Pixel Exit Staff
@Russ Where the option enable/disable Thread Starter markup?

We have no built in option, we simply place a class on the message itself.

This would add a simple icon to the username of the thread starter:

.thread_view .threadStarter .messageUserBlock .username:before { font-family: FontAwesome; content: "\f139 "; }

But you can style the message anyway you want with the .threadStarter class.


Pixel Exit Staff
If you want to send me a list I'll take a look and create the reports as I see fit.

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