1.5.6 Updates

Hello everyone, we'll be pushing out our 1.5.6 updates over the course of today. Once you receive the email you'll be able to download it immediately with an active license via your licenses area. We consider this a rather large update so please see the key notes towards the bottom of the post.

Additionally located at the bottom of the post are the change-logs some of the styles. If it doesn't contain a change-log than it was primarily a XenBase update for that style.

Before upgrading please make sure to take backups of your styles (XenBase, Purchased Style, and any child styles) before attempting updates. It is recommended to do some test imports so you can see what is affected!


New to XenBase
  • ADDED FLEXible Nodes, you now have more control over your node setup than ever ( Style Properties -> -- Nodes )
  • ADDED Font Awesome inside Account dropdown (Style Properties -> [XB] Font Awesome -> Enable FA Icons in the Account dropdown
  • ADDED Hide Extra User Info -> Style Properties -> [XB] Message and Elements
  • ADDED Ability to switch the sidebar in the member view
  • ADDED Extra editor FA icons to help with third party plugins
  • ADDED template: xb_top_bar_left for extra styling on the Top Bar
  • ADDED template: xb_top_bar_right for extra styling on the Top Bar
  • ADDED "Top Bar Right Side" (Style Properties: ├ ─ Top Bar) where you can easily add additional links
  • ADDED Backstretch Selector (allows you to target a specific div for the backstretch to load in)
  • ADDED FA Icon to "Enable Navigation Bar Login" which is enabled by the normal "Enable FA Icons in the Visitor Tabs"
  • ADDED Ability to switch your username on the account dropdown with text of your choice (Style Properties -> [XB] Header and Navigation -> Account Text)
  • ADDED CSS property to control the look of error messages
  • ADDED CategoryStrip to forum_view on sub-forum area: Does not display when enabling any sort of width adjustments for the forum_view

Improvements / Changes
  • CHANGED Account Menu for easy one property width adjustments
  • CHANGED Behavior of messageUserInfo Avatar sizing (s/m/l). Now setting it to large will no longer break your user info if you don't enlarge the messageUserInfo block enough
  • CHANGED Primary/Secondary Content Links to inherit the default: Style Properties -> General -> Link color
  • CHANGED Footer Links for Privacy Policy / Terms and Rules, we've now moved them into the default footer links area. This allows for easier customization of the copyright area!
  • CHANGED MessageUserInfo FA Boxed setup to Flexbox CSS
  • CHANGED QuickSearch CSS while set as a navigation tab, complete overhaul and now adheres to the styling of other popup menus
  • CHANGED CSS Styling for the gallery to match each style better
  • CHANGED Sub-forum icons from a regular content to Font Awesome. You may now easily change the icons being used via the cheat sheet.

Bugs Squashed
  • FIXED: Social logins aligning to the left
  • FIXED: Sticky Sidebar CSS Bug
  • FIXED: Mobile logo max-height now appropriately resizes to the mobile logo height
  • FIXED: Attachment Icons not showing on all locations
  • FIXED: Navigation bug with gallery when Disable Sub-Nav is enabled
  • FIXED: Applied a fix for floating logo option, previously would break smaller resolutions or setups with a lot of links
  • FIXED: Conflict with Live Update and User Panel option showing wrong # of alerts
  • FIXED: Sticky Sidebar + Collapse Sidebar not working properly

Key Notes:
  • We've changed the single xbButtonBorder color palette to: xbButtonBackground and xbButtonColor so if you've customized your buttons or they look off you may need to check the following:
    • Color Palette to adjust your colors for the two new properties
    • Style Properties -> Buttons -> (Button) (Sign-up Now Button Container / Inner) (Call-to-Action Button Container / Inner)
  • Node layouts have changed, we have added the ability to customize your nodes even further. In doing so we've removed the option for layouts 1 and 2 (Dual Column and Dual Column Minimal). The new node setup is now controlled by going to:
    Style Properties: ├ ─ Nodes
    If you were using one of the alternative node layouts you will need to set you options again via the style properties listed above
  • Floating Logo, we've had to re-approach the way we coded this, as of now this will no longer use the Text as Logo Option and instead only use an image you set. You must set a width on the property for it to work properly! You can find the property at:
    Style Properties: [XB] Header and Navigation - Navigation Logo (xbFloatLogo)
    I suggest simply reverting the property and re-applying your background image
Style Specific Changes:

Fusion Gamer 1.5.6 Change-Log

  • Brand new user panel which has been re-coded from the ground up. It now uses default XenForo phrases when it can and we've created a property to adjust the text of the "Cpanel" text via: Style Properties -> Fusion Gamer Properties. On top of re-coding the entire panel we adjusted the conditionals slightly so you may need to disable/enable the panel depending on your preference in the same Fusion Gamer Properties area.
  • Overall font has been changed to what I feel as an improved experience. You can still adjust the font globally here: Style Properties -> [XB] General Setup
  • Misc CSS improvements

Frag Zone 1.5.6 Change-Log
Frag Zone has gone through an extensive revamp on the header! Please take backups of your old style prior to upgrading as always!

  • Breadcrumb styling revamped, now using standard XF breadcrumb arrows but is now compatible with the new XenBase "Alternate Breadcrumb Arrow" property
  • Huge revamp on the navigation, now using the standard XenBase setup with logo in navigation along with the user navigation on the right. You can still enable the user navigation to be in the moderator bar if you choose to: Style Properties -> [XB] Header And Navigation
  • Removed "Float Header" properties for Frag Zone, you can control the publicTabs/visitorTabs by going to Style Properties -> [XB] Header And Navigation
  • Typography update, weights, family and sizes have been adjusted globally
  • Frag Zone now uses FA icons in the navigation by default, you can still use images by going to Style Properties -> Frag Zone Properties. I've included a ton of icons by default out of the box for as many third party add-ons as I can think of. I will add more as they pop up
  • Buttons have been revamped, you can now easily change the gradient on all the buttons by going to: Style Properties -> [XB] Misc Properties -> Custom Property 1

Flat Awesome + 1.5.6 Change-Log
  • Disabled the body helper by default, it was the background that ran behind the top of the page. You can enable this again by going to: Style Properties -> [XB] General Setup -> Enable Body Helper
  • Improved various CSS
  • Moved Flat Awesome custom logoBlock CSS to XenBase's: Style Properties -> [XB] Header and Navigation -> LogoBlock CSS
  • Included Flat Awesome + Dark! This is the first release of the dark style so please report any bugs you may find. This will be installed as a stand-alone style and not as a child of Flat Awesome + (Light).

Gamer Time + 1.5.6 Change-Log
  • Cleaned up CSS file
  • Recoded navigation using transparent image instead of a fixed height version, you can now adjust the header tab heights easily with no extra work require.
  • Adjusted the selected tab arrow to adjust automatically depending on the navigation height
  • Changed subHeading background image from a fixed height to a repeating transparent background
  • Notice clean up
  • Changed Style Properties -> Header background image to a repeating pattern rather than a fixed height to allow for greater customization with less work
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Pixel Exit Staff
Just as a heads up we made a slight mistake on the original XenBase xml we sent out. If your EXTRA.CSS shows as outdated simply download the update package again and re-import XenBase.


I've noticed that the messageUserInfo Avatar sizing (m) now makes the avatar 90x90px instead of 96x96px due to box-sizing: border-box. What's the easiest way to get it back to 96x96px?


Pixel Exit Staff
I've noticed that the messageUserInfo Avatar sizing (m) now makes the avatar 90x90px instead of 96x96px due to box-sizing: border-box. What's the easiest way to get it back to 96x96px?

How small is your messageUserInfo area? We basically add a max-width on the img so it'll resize if you go smaller.

You can overwrite this via EXTRA.CSS
.XenBase .messageUserBlock img {
  max-width: none;

Pre-Sale Questions

If you have any questions or concerns you want to ask before you make a purchase don't hesitate to use one of our multiple support channels for your convenience.