1.5 Beta 1 - Authenticator doesn't scan


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When using the FragZone style the Google Authenticator or Authy Authenticator doesn't scan the barcode. Using the default style allows it to scan and work normally.

I'm reporting this just in case it is missed for when 1.5 hits final. You will probably pick this up anyway, but, every little helps™ :)


Pixel Exit Staff
I'm getting it to show on my install:

Will it show for you? Or is it just not scanning?



Pixel Exit Staff
Hi Russ. Yes it shows but it just wont scan. Changing to the default style solves it.
Ok, I'm assuming it's the dark background around it.

.account_two_step_enable .xenForm canvas {
background-color: #717171;
padding: 5px;
Something like this appears to be working, gives it a defined border to let the app actually read the edges.


I'll have something official in the 1.5 release for it, thanks for this :)


Pixel Exit Staff
Sorry again @Russ, should I add the code you posted in extra.css ?
Ya you can, I'll add in an official fix for this(and any other dark style effected by it) in the next release at which point you can remove this fix if you want.


Pixel Exit Staff
Alright marking this as complete, I approached in a slightly different manner. You can now choose which color you want showing on there to avoid any future conflicts and make it easy depending on the style/preference.


(if a color is set it will add the padding automatically, if no color is set then no color will be shown or padding used)

Fixed in official 1.5 release.

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