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i wasn't sure where to put this as well i wouldn't really call it a bug but more of a problem.

The new sliding feature for the tabs is cool but when i click the menu button is slides out the nav options as its meant to, but if im reading something down the bottom of a post/page and i click the menu button to navigate to somewhere else, i literally have to scroll all the way to the top to click the items at the top of the menu, in my opinion it is a lot slower to navigate where i want to go on my forum now than it was before with this issue. i hope you understand

would be better to have it slide out and show the full menu no matter where on the page you are to allow quicker access to new places on the forum. i also find that when i click forums it opens the drop down all the time which gets quite annoying having to scroll more. If people want to click the arrow for the drop down that's fine but not the actual word

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