Hi, I've just been trying out the 1.5 upgrade, I have a theme structure as follows (I use core theme also);

- xenbase
-- core 1.5
--- core forum theme
-- fragzone 1.5
--- fragzone forum theme

With fragzone on a smaller screen the menu icons fall behind the title of the first set of forums, tried with the standard fragzone theme (nothing in extra.css) and it does the same thing. If the slider menu is disabled the menu's seem to flip and don't want to cooperate still.



Kinda weird it does it with the unmodified fragzone theme and the core theme works perfect so I'm kinda at a loss where to look next.
Hmmm... so it's doing it with a stock Frag Zone install?

Did you import the new Frag Zone after the new XenBase?

I did change how the logo functionality worked on XenBase a little, previously it would load the logo twice and place it above the navigation in responsive but it wasn't really a proper way of doing it. With the new mobile logo option I got rid of that.

Double check the header template isn't outdated/customized.

Also upload the new logo_sm.png to your styles/fragzone/xenforo/
Hi Russ, turns out my mobile logo was breaking the theme it's slightly larger than the one provided default, which I overwrote after uploading. It's all working fine now, thanks for pointing us in the right direction.

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