1.5 Updates - Off Canvas Menu and More!

Over the course of today and tomorrow you'll receive an email notification for the new 1.5 update. This update brings some new mobile functionality along with quite a few other new features and bug fixes. This update also fixes the multiple outdated templates showing from the most recent upgrade.

Before upgrading please... make a backup of your current XenBase/Style/Child Style(or however your setup is).

To upgrade you'll need to upload the new XenBase folder first. Next you'll import XenBase-xml, overwriting your current XenBase Style. Finally import and overwrite your paid style(Fusion Gamer/Core/Apex ect...).

  • NEW Poll icon on thread lists next to watched/sticky/moderated ect
  • NEW Added "threadStarter" class when viewing threads, you can use this to easily style each of the thread starters post throughout the style
  • NEW Option to unwrap user banners in thread_view on the message user info area
    • Style Properties -> [XB] Message and Elements -> Unwrap User Banners
  • NEW Off-Canvas Menu
    • Style Properties -> └ ─ Mobile Enhancements -> Enable Off-Canvas Menu
  • NEW Option to Remove HeaderProxy(by default XenForo loads the header at the bottom of page and uses CSS to shift it up, we give you the option to change this. It can help with people using ads in the header position for mobile views)
    • Style Properties -> [XB] Header and Navigation -> Remove HeaderProxy
  • NEW Reddit Social Link Option
    • Style Properties -> ├ ─ Social Links -> Reddit Link
  • NEW Contact Us Social Link Option(Adds a link to the default contact form/link)
    • Style Properties -> ├ ─ Social Links -> Contact Us
  • NEW Mobile Logo Option, set the path to your logo you want showing in mobile plus the height of it
    • Style Properties -> Header and Navigation
  • NEW Ad template: ad_top_content is placed above the top breadcrumb and sidebar
  • NEW Alternate Breadcrumb Arrow, replaces the standard XF arrows with Font Awesome
    • Style Properties -> Breadcrumb -> Alternate Breadcrumb Arrow
  • NEW Class set on the "New Posts" link in the navigation to allow easy styling. Class name: .xbNewPosts
  • NEW Ability to remove the Advanced Footer in Mobile View
    • Style Properties -> └ ─ Mobile Enhancements -> Hide Advanced Footer in Mobile
  • ADJUSTED Font Awesome updated to 4.4.0
  • ADJUSTED Pop Menu styling slightly
  • ADJUSTED FA Node Icons Hovering no longer has a text cursor
  • ADJUSTED Rich Text Editor Icons now use the color set via the property
    • Style Properties -> Rich Text Editor -> Editor Toolbar Button(Content Text color by default)
  • ADJUSTED Removed Font Awesome call in gallery(XenBase has you covered for that!)
  • ADJUSTED Attachment Icon uses Font Awesome now to avoid any custom sprite issues
  • ADJUSTED Button states, hover/active/disabled CSS changed slightly
  • ADJUSTED Search page styling, we've added a container for a better user experience
  • ADJUSTED QuickSearch Responsive Icon, easier to style
  • FIXED Bug with resource icons which were deleted/moderated
  • FIXED Bug with Gallery Rating Overlay Editor Icons
  • FIXED Bug with Contact Us Link, phrasing and linking depending on ACP options
  • FIXED Bug with Editor In Overlay background
  • FIXED Bug with navigation menus when page width was a ##%
  • FIXED Bug with logo not being flush to the left side
Double check that your navigation template is not outdated. Also make sure you have it enabled: Style Properties -> └ ─ Mobile Enhancements -> Enable Off-Canvas Menu

This means you've edited templates on your custom style in templates that we've made changes. You should be able to use the auto-merge feature.

By default we call "logo_sm.png" from your styles/stylename/xenforo/ folder. You can upload your own image if you'd like and upload it to that spot. The settings for it can be found: Style Properties -> Header and Navigation

If you need help, please submit a Support Ticket or post in the Customer Area on the forums.
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Introducing the new Off Canvas Menu

We've just released the new 1.5 updates which now bring a new Off Canvas Menu. Please note as this is the first release of it there could potentially be bugs! We never claim we're perfect but we're here to help as much as we can.

Our Off Canvas Menu is extremely simple making it work with other plugins without any effort. In mobile view it will pull the public tabs off screen only leaving the visitor tabs still easily accessible.

We've also added two templates which you can stick content in that will show on the Off Canvas Menu. Those templates are called:


Inside the xb_offcanvas_helper_bottom template I've left an example of how you can add your own dropdown link inside the new mobile menu. It's very easy to do!


This is a completely optional feature to our styles, you may use the default responsive XenForo navigation if you wish.

Currently the options for this are kept very simple although we do plan to add more once everyone gives it a good run through.

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Remove headerProxy

This is another feature we've added which is pretty simple but rather handy in many cases. By default XenForo loads the header HTML at the bottom of the page then shifts it up using CSS. This is done for performance reasons and is as intended out of the box with XenForo.

The problem some people run into is if they have extra content in the header area such as an ad. You may notice your page could look like this:

(notice the top of the content is being covered by the navigation and the breadcrumb arrows stick through?) Basically what happens here is XenForo is only calculating the logo height to push the content down so if something else increases that height the content doesn't automatically adjust. With this new option we load the header HTML at the top and remove the extra divs pushing the content down so your end result would be:


You of course need to make sure your ads are still responsive but this will take a ton of the work out in regards to adjusting that header height area.
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I just updated Xenforo 1.2 to 1.5 but I saw no difference ? I also have the old fusion gamer style on.

I have not used Xenforo much and have some questions:

How important is it to upgrade fusion gamer to 1.5 ?
Is there an upgrade service for fusion gamer because I dont understand much ?
I found it easy to upgrade Xenforo itself but when it says I have outdated styles I have no idea ?

"To upgrade you'll need to upload the new XenBase folder (?) first. Next you'll import XenBase-xml, overwriting your current XenBase Style. Finally import and overwrite your paid style(Fusion Gamer/Core/Apex ect...)."

I checked my folders but I could not find anything with Xenbase. If I knew this it might be simple ?
Import Xenbase-xml is probably a function inside the Xenforo admin right ?

Is there a dummy style step by step somewhere ?
Fusion Gamer originally wasn't built on XenBase, you may be on an extremely old version.


Specific things to our Fusion Gamer Clients
Fusion Gamer will be moving onto our XenBase Framework. It's been upgraded to have all the great features XenBase has. On top of that the primary color of Fusion Gamer will now be controlled via a single color palette. This means you can choose whatever color you want that suites your site the best. There's been multiple improvements and optimization to the CSS to improve the over all style as well.

With this said... here comes some of the bad news. Because we're porting the style to the framework, you may lose some of your customizations. Any custom images or css inside your extra.css can easily be ported over however heavily customized version of Fusion Gamer will need some work to get back to their original state.

Not entirely sure how far your forum is customized but we switched to the framework awhile back so you'll need to redo your edits :(. I should note this is the only time we made this decision, it was simply to get Fusion Gamer a lot of awesome new features. Lucky for you... you'll see a ton of stuff with the new Fusion Gamer.
I have made no customizations on my very old Fusion Gamer Style.
I have only put a background image to the forum but I dont care if that vanish. And I just asked someone to make a logo
for th old style bt that isnt ready yet. Is there somewhere I can see the changes that has been made, graphical etc ?

I would really like someone to do it for me for a fee (ofcourse) OR a step by step for dummies.
Basically, you made no changes other than a background and a new logo is being made, so it would be like a fresh theme install?

If that is the case, I can do it for free and modify a few settings for you if it is just those basic requirements.
Yes the theme could be freshly installed but the core of Xenforo have been modified to work with Digital Access Pass membership plugin.
Thanks a lot for your offer, I should send you the forum admin login and what more ?
Thanks Steve, I should have gone back here and notified that it is solved now...
It took quite awhile though...

We're working on a revamp of the site and this has been on my list to make sure it's easier to understand.
We're working on a revamp of the site and this has been on my list to make sure it's easier to understand.
Sounds great Russ, great theme/style, much appreciated.
I just got temporarily frustrated because I have so much to do myself and not quite competent that I need to be...and need to really et things done now.

Pre-Sale Questions

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