11/10 Would Do Again!


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Out of all my time working with @Russ's and @Steve's themes, I don't think I have ever left an official review.

Pixel Exit has been hands down the best designers to work with in my entire lifetime of personal experience from working with multiple companies through multiple platforms and softwares. The guys alone are just really kind and outgoing which goes a long way. Easy to talk to, and easy to get a clear understanding of what it is you want for your styles. Even if you yourself don't have much to go on.

I have hired them to do a custom design for my gaming community back in 2015, and am more than likely going to hire them again for my XF 2.0 transition when that happens. The theme was one of the best XenForo themes I have ever laid eyes on at the time of release, and to this day still stands tall! It has allowed me to build upon it greatly from the main style they created.

Even when it doesn't come down to custom styles, they have been there with their free and paid pre-made themes with outstanding support. Seriously, Russ & Steve are the types of guys who truly go above and beyond for their customers. The framework they have built for the 1.x series allows for tremendous flexibility and creativity. Even allowing me to re-create some of the themes to a point where they don't even look like the same theme anymore.

I do a lot of "style customizations" for people, and I want to especially point out the "Core" theme. I have people asking me if I can style their forums to look like their main website all the time, and the core theme is normally a "one size fits all". With the XenBase framework powering the theme, there is so many options and design styles that you have available that you can get that theme to look like just about any trending design styles that websites use today. I have worked with several of their styles, including the "Gamer Time" to which I made into a dark theme, and it turned out amazing.

I have sent a lot of people their way when they would ask me for suggestions on styles or designers for custom work, and they always have a positive experience. I will most definitely continue with this for as long as they are still operational!
Jordan always a pleasure talking with you. You do great work yourself so thank you for your kind words.

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