Style updates 2.1.1 Style Updates

Hello everyone, we're pushing our 2.1.1 updates out today. Once you receive the email you'll be able to download it immediately with an active license via your purchase area.

This update primarily focuses on bug fixes and improvements with one big exception! Our new Canvas mode is now included in all of our styles. It will take your traditional forum setup and convert it to a new "Canvas look". Below are screenshots of how Flat Awesome + looks before and after. This is entirely optional for each style, you can find the property here: Style properties -> Page setup -> Forum style

Before Upgrading
As always backup your current styles before importing the new version. Backing up is simply exporting your current styles before upgrading. Check out our documentation on how to backup your style if you have further questions.

Installation and Upgrading instructions for XenForo 2.0 styles
Full details for how to install and upgrade can be in our Documentation.

Run into issues? Please create a ticket and we'll respond to you as quick as we can.

Found a bug? Let's squash it, submit a bug report.

Release notes
  • Canvas Mode
  • Node stat columns width increased to avoid these breaking due to font size + phrase changes
  • Alternating discussion lists will not apply to the stickies when the text sticky divider is enabled (was causing awkward looking outputs)
  • Adjust dual column last post info, now has default styling but you can override the background color via Style properties -> Node/forum list -> Node last post
  • Collapsing user info works in conversations now
  • Hovering certain prefixes would cause issues, adjusted them all
  • Message indicators are now hidden on mobile, you can manually show them using CSS if you choose
  • Collapse sidebar button wasn't matching the buttons next to it size wise
  • Fixed header search dropdown buttons misaligned
  • Fixed a bug in which alternating discussion list backgrounds weren't loading
  • Welcome notice title + description HTML tags will no longer load if text is left blank
  • Dual node responsive CSS completely re-worked and fixed
You guys are doing truly stellar work. With the new theme nearly done and ready for release, I am so excited! Best theme developers out there, hands down. Need you to stick around for another decade or two, okay? :D Bravo!!
Yep, check out my recent post

Pre-Sale Questions

If you have any questions or concerns you want to ask before you make a purchase don't hesitate to use one of our multiple support channels for your convenience.