2.2.12 Style Updates

Hello everyone, we're pushing our 2.2.12 updates out today. Once you receive the email, you'll be able to download it immediately with an active license via your purchase area.

This update fixes a few minor bugs, adds a few minor things, and addresses the outdated template that is appearing on the latest version of XF (2.2.12).

Templates changed:

Before Upgrading
As always backup your current styles before importing the new version. Backing up is simply exporting your current styles before upgrading. Check out our documentation on how to back up your style if you have further questions.

Installation and upgrade instructions for XenForo 2 styles
Full details for how to install and upgrade can be in our Documentation.

Run into issues? Please create a ticket and we'll respond to you as quickly as we can.

Found a bug? Let us squash it, submit a bug report.
  • New search location "Navigation"
  • New Google font family "Inter"
  • New TikTok social media link (can link to a TikTok in the social media options Style properties -> Basic options)
  • New Mastodon social media link (can link to a Mastodon in the social media options Style properties -> Basic options)
  • New documentation for typography linked
  • Google font embeds have been updated with the correct preconnect hints (should technically load Google font files faster)
  • Removed Italics from Google Font embeds as they're not commonly used at all (post messages don't use custom google fonts by default)
  • Changed Light + Medium font weight to 400 by default to avoid Google font display issues. These are more power features I'd say as XenForo doesn't use light/medium by default.
  • Node hover colors did not work properly when node spacer option was enabled.
  • Added missing border below selected nav when "bottom border" selected state was active and the navigation was sticky
  • Fixed a mobile issue for large sidebars while using the canvas mode
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Pre-Sale Questions

If you have any questions or concerns you want to ask before you make a purchase don't hesitate to use one of our multiple support channels for your convenience.