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Hello everyone, we're pushing our 2.2 beta updates out today. I'm not sending out an email for this release as it's really not intended for the masses but is intended for those wanting to experiment with the beta. This release is primarily for testing purposes as XenForo states "This is beta software. It is not officially supported. We do not recommend running it in production.". Typically XenForo's beta's are fast evolving and patches come quick so I really would not run this on a live forum. Support is limited on this version, ideally, it's used to collect feedback and fix any bugs to get it ready for the stable release.

There are no new style features in this specific version. Some changes will be made on the stable release which I'll announce as we get closer.

If you spot a bug, please post it in our bug forum

To upgrade this to this version, make sure you're running 2.2 Beta 1 and import the new XML overwriting your existing main parent style. Style archive support will come later in the betas towards the stable release.


Pixel Exit Staff
Big changes to the style?
Negative. This is simply updating the templates so the styles are actually usable on a 2.2 Beta 1 installation.

post_macros template was completely rewritten.
PAGE_CONTAINER had a few edits to it primarily for web icons + PWA banner support
Had a few other templates that were outdated which were adjusted.

My goal with the final release of the 2.2 version is to:
- reduce the number of template edits even further (may eliminate an oddball feature or two)
- work through the brand new style assets to configure that in our styles soon enough.
- style the new functionality of 2.2

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