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I have two more questions.
I bought the article Manage system. Unfortunately, the border is missing in a box.
I asked the programmer of the addon, but he said it's the style.
This he wrote: by default, it HAS a border (its using a Core XF CSS class that has a border). Your 3rd party style is removing the border for that class. You'll need to have the designer of that style help you with it since they changed the behavior of a core CSS class.

here I miss the frame
(I use core style for X1)

Then I would like to include a button in the header - a register button. how could I do that?


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That div uses primaryContent div, primaryContent by default only uses a bottom-border.


.amsSlider.amsSliderWrapper.primaryContent {
    border: 1px solid #CCC;

Will add a border around it all.

You'll need to edit the logo_block template to add whatever custom html you want there.


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Thank you so much.
and to move the graphic with margin, in which css file would I have to do this so that I can work with class?

How could you make a frame like that?

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sry unfortunately i can't edit my answer anymore

and somehow it would have to work that way too? so I don't use a.png graphic. would like to have such a button next to the social buttons :/ and just ONLY displayable for guests
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