2+ Year Review, now with XF2!


I have been a customer of PixelExit since December 2015. I wrote a 2 week review here, and I thought it was time to update it.

If you read my initial early review, I was extremely happy and impressed with the clean styles and customer support that was provided by PixelExit. So, surely after more than two years my perspective has changed slightly? Nobody can sustain the high standards and truly exceptional positive, patient and helpful attitude over such a long period of time?

Every single time I have asked for support - which has never been due to a bug in the code but always because I want to make custom modifications - I have received a fast, complete and helpful reply to my request. Often times this support covers 3rd party add-ons or custom code not related to the forum skin. PixelExit, and especially @Russ, is always happy to provide custom code / CSS snippets or, where not possible, at least point you in the right direction. Russ has an expert knowledge of Xenforo, and thanks to the completeness of his explanations I have been able to understand how the changes work and do far more with my website than I originally planned.

When it came to updating from Xenforo v1 to v2, PixelExit provided FREE skin updates to their customers - I didn't have to repurchase the skin, it was included in the price of the annual renewal. This despite the fact that a lot of time and effort has clearly gone into the XF2 skins.

Dealing with PixelExit support is an absolute pleasure, and I am hugely impressed that the quality of work and customer support has been maintained throughout my time here. I do not often write customer reviews, positive or negative, but I believe that their truly exceptional service should be rewarded.

Thank you!
I was busy when you first wrote this so I had it on my follow up list so sorry for the late reply.

Thank you so much for the kind words :), reviews like this definitely put a massive smile on my face so I appreciate it.

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