XF 1.x 3 Questions about design changes


hello ,
I'd have three more questions.
sry that I ask so much, but unfortunately I don't have sooo much idea about xenforo / the core still .. thanks for the help.
where exactly do i have to go if i want to change the color of the three things?

Questions are in the picture



Pixel Exit Staff
The breadcrumb can be changed: Style Properties -> Breadcrumb -> Breadcrumb

Content area: Style Properties -> General -> Content, Core uses a box-shadow in the EXTRA field

Sidebar: Style Properties -> Sidebar -> Block Headings


Thank you very much!
I've got one more thing to say:

Could you insert a wallpaper in the background left and right? or 3-4 different ones that change every 10 seconds?


That would be great.

Many Many thanks


Pixel Exit Staff
Check out our backstretch option. Style properties -> [XB] General Setup, you can enable it there and set multiple images.

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