A couple of quick style questions


I kinda feel bad about asking these questions as they will be simple for someone to answer, I have been out of forums for a few years, originally I used to edit the template files directly so a bit lost with xen2 at the moment.

First question how to I move the logo up above as per attached pic (like this site: http://damnlag.com/forums/)

Second question, where the logo currently is I will be replacing with a javascript ticker, where do I put that code in the template once I have moved the logo up?

Using template Core for XF2

Thanks in advance.


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No worries about any questions :)

Check out: Style Properties -> Header and Navigation, our options for Logo position can be found here.

For the ticker, I'd almost use the advertisement system built into XF so you don't have to edit any templates.


Position: Container Header


Thanks worked perfectly, last question I need to add some code into the <HEAD> section of the webpage, where can I edit that info?


I need to add this code that sits at the start of index.php file, also is this ok to add into xb_head?

<?php require_once '/pcw/shortcode.php'; ?>

Thanks again in advance

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