A couple questions about the Frag-Zone template...

Discussion in 'Pre-Sale Questions' started by Iqtidar, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. Iqtidar

    Iqtidar Registered

    I like the Frag Zone template but have a few questions.

    #1: Are the 3 backgrounds easily changeable from the Admin?
    #2: We can have more than 3 or less than 3 backgrounds?
    #3: Is the template expandable to full-width instead of in-grid width?

    Thanks !
  2. Russ

    Russ Designer

    Hello, thank you for your interest in Frag Zone!

    #1 & #2: Very easily changed, in our style properties we use a script called Backstretch which allows you to customize how many backgrounds you want, the fade effect and speed of the transition, here's a preview of it:

    To define more backgrounds you'd simply upload your background images via ftp to the frag zone folder, then define it here.

    #3: You can choose whatever width you want via our style property found in Style Properties -> [XB] General Setup
  3. Iqtidar

    Iqtidar Registered

    Great, thanks... I'll be getting the theme in a week or so after I setup Xenforo on my website.
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