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Before I updated the templates and reverted the templates, this worked in extra.css​
.message .bbCodeImage {
    max-width: 70% !important;
Now it still works in 1.2, but the images do not get larger when clicked. If I remove the code, then it works.​
Responsive add-on by Arty
Saw a post about this in the Core area but I figured to make them two separate threads *not hijack the Core thread*. I'm wondering if there's a fix for the gamer fusion style?​
I am not using my Responsive add-on license right now, so I can offer it to you for temporary testing purposes on your site :)
This may not be a 1.2 issue, may've just been entirely​
I only said 1.2 to let you know what version of the style I'm using.
Also note I am using XF 1.1.4
*no rush on these issues, but I'm reporting it for the sake of it*
Yeah that works for me when I'm doing the fixed layout. I did have the responsive add-on installed and images were not resizing properly lol, so that's why I was using max-width.
Thanks, Steve!

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