I have setup Fusion gamer using orange as the color scheme. However I wanted to see how it looked like if I switched the color to green. I change to green in the style and save.. reload everthing.. restart the php incase of apc cache or something. But nothing happens.. How should I be able to switch color scheme?

When a new user wants to register the input box for the name is black background with black text.. Not very many users will register with those color settings.

When I want to log off the confirmation popup also have a black on black button for the yes I am sure I want to log off button.

I am currently running on 1.4b3 (with style 1.4 beta aswell) but I had the same problems when I was running the 1.3 version of the script on a 1.3.5 xenforo.

Really need some help as I am working on opening the site for my guild members shortly.

You can have a look at
Hey @Laric,

in the last release I left the color option in the Fusion Gamer properties by accident, it's not controlled there anymore my apologies.

Head to color palette -> xbColor1) that will control the bulk of the colors.

Interesting about the box thought that was fixed :D, head to Style Properties -> Login Bar -> Handle, change the color there.

For the overlay:

Style Properties -> Form-Type Overlays -> Button, change the font color there to something light.
These issues will be addressed in our next release.
Solved those. But the login bar needs several color changes to make it workable.

Another problem is that somewhere it references an orangebg file that is not included in the style. Is the file missing or did you forget to remove it somewhere in the style?

<script src="styles/xenbase/jquery.backstretch.min.js"></script>
That's our backstretch script:

[XB] General Setup -> Enable/Disable Backstretch and set the path URL.

Backstretch is used to stretch an image appropriate to the resolution it's being viewed on.

Any color can adjustments in regards to the login drop down can be handled in the same area:

Style Properties -> Login Bar

I will make adjustments to this in our next release though.

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