A little update...

Hello everyone :), I wanted to take a quick moment to give an update regarding our styles. I did hope to have an updated XenBase out this week prior to going on vacation but it didn't happen. We decided it would be in the best interest for Steve, I and you as the customer to be on full time to best support the update when we release it.

1.4.5 did not change anything style while other than the discussion_list.css. If you wanted to you can try using the merge template function to update it, if that doesn't work just open the discussion_list.css open under XenBase and click SAVE AND EXIT. Only a class name name changed slightly which didn't effect the styles.

I'll be returning 3/16/2015 from vacation and we'll be in full swing with updates, some new style updates and some awesome other stuff we have planned. I appreciate everyone's patience and look forward to pushing out updates very soon.
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