XF 1.x Adara 2 tiny small modifications


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HI all, I need some easy changes I believe, I'm tinkering around but I can't figure the following.

I want to have bigger postbits in width and height with bigger avatars. Ive seen it on many forums from you but I can't find how to do it on adara I end up messing the forum, the guide in resources (for apex) doesn't work on it I tried..

I also need to center the names and usergroup under avatar.

Also a question is it possible to have different background for different categories?

thank you all.
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Just to update, I was missing the avatar size it was "m" I changed it to "L" and increase the width and that seems to look ok now. the issue now is to get everything in center, as well the icons (under the avatar) there are slightly on the left side.


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can't edit so I will update.

I have manage from
Style Properties: Message Layout
to push the icons from left to right so they look centered now ;-)

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