Hey there,

First of all I'd just like to say your themes are one in a million. I spent practically all of today trying to decide between 4 of them! Haha.

I'd also like to say I am an XenForo "newbie" having just come over from the dark side that is vBulletin....

Question with Adara. Would it be possible to add a background to the header? i.e where the logo is and have it stretch to the width of the content area? And then move the social media icons over to the left a bit.

For example:

Currently the grey background goes through the header as well. Where the blue is where I'd like to add a background colour. And then shift the social media icons over a bit.

I can't link my site as I'm setting everything up on my localhost at the moment.

Regardless if this can happen or not it's still a great style!

Thanks for all your hard work.


Pixel Exit Staff
Welcome to XenForo :).

Caught me as I'm heading off but go to templates -> extra.css:

#logoBlock .pageContent
background-color: #CCC;

Of course replacing #CCC with your desired color.

Make sure you have a child style of Adara you're putting all your edits into as well! :)

Thanks for the kind words let us know if you need anything.

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