Can you add more colors to Core?

While some nice suggestions even if I add those they'll be more request :D. I do make it super easy to make a new color scheme especially if you have access to open up .psd's.

Literally edit the color overlays in the psd, save it(it's already pre-named in slices), upload the new images then change one color value.
If you have one you would like specifically and don't have access to photoshop just let me know and I'll whip one up for you.
Are there any other ways to add a custom color same as i wanted to? coz it is limited in the selection such as red, blue,...:)

You can, create a new folder in /sources naming it any color you want, use the provided PSD template in the zip to customize your colors.

Next Style Properties -> Core Properties -> Put the name of the folder in the one box, then choose the same color in the color picker.

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