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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Redh, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. Redh

    Redh Customer

    I was reading @Russ 's interview over at Admin Zone, and came across the following quote:

    Now @Russ, I don't know if there is a particular add-on you had in mind to work on, but I thought I'd make a suggestion! There seems to be a bit of a gaming theme with some of Pixel Exits previous add-ons (Teamspeak integration, Gamer Profiles), and one that is currently missing from Xenforo that I've seen a few people asking for is some form of Guild Roster page.

    I don't think this would be overly complicated as far as add-ons go, and would also play into your strengths as a designer - as this is really what we want, for the roster page to look good and have plenty of options!

    What do you think? Is this something you might be interested in looking at? I wouldn't want to suggest this to @NixFifty just yet as he has so much else on his plate at the moment :p
  2. Russ

    Russ Designer

    It's still a goal of mine to actually get into the add-on side of things :D, I've just been so busy with styling work i haven't found time yet.

    I do like the idea of a roster, there was talk about one on XF for years but I don't think he's going to actually release it.
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  3. NixFifty

    NixFifty Developer

    We had a client a couple months ago approach us about a roster. It was made but it has some pretty niche features. Once I get updates out for TeamSpeak integration and Tickets, I'll be prepping that for release. :)
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  4. NixFifty

    NixFifty Developer

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  5. Redh

    Redh Customer

    This looks very nice! I'll put my thinking cap on and try to pin down what information would be useful in a guild roster so I can help out with some suggestions when you guys are ready to move forward with this :)

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