Please can add support for work add-on [TH] Holidays. [TH] Holidays node icon and Flat Awesome icon showing same time.

@Russ Node Icon are not showing after disabled [TH] Holidays add-on but Node icon showing if removed this CSS code from extra.less. Please do you have any solution for this issue? I need show node icon without remove this CSS code.

/* [TH] Holidays node icon*/
.node .node-icon i:before {
    opacity: 0;
I guess I don't understand the problem, my code was to hide the icon so the TH Holiday node icon could work.

Why leave my code in there if you're not using the add-on anymore.
Maybe my coffee hasn't kicked in, but my code specifically hides the default Font Awesome icons. So... having that in your extra.less will hide the icons. To have them show... you need to remove the CSS.

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