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I don't think there's a way around that to be honest, because they're link nodes it's linking to the RM which will highlight that instead.

If you put a Node in the navigation I believe that shows as selected. Might be able to achieve it with a conditional but I'm not entirely sure, I'd ask Jake over on the plugin to see if he may know of a way.


Ah crap.. :\ Is there any other way too add links to nav bar? (not using the node tab addon, but template edits). Could you try? I think I tried that before, but same problem with them not getting highlighted. Silly that Xenforo does not have any nav bar customization, and for making it so complicated. In phpBB it was super easy..


Pixel Exit Staff
You'd still need a conditional though unfortunately.

Something like Allen posted here but I don't think that works:

Then you could add a new navtab like regular

<!-- mytab -->
<li class="navTab PopupClosed"><a href="LINK" class="navLink">TAB LABEL</a></li>

But throw the conditional next to PopupClosed making it have a selected class if the category is in.

Of course this assumes there's a working conditional out there for specific categories.

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