I have just added the Unread post count addon
The part in the main menu is working, but in mobile view, the bolt icon won't show the unread count.
The template modification for the mod only looks for one line of code in the PAGE_CONTAINER template.
The code is present in your page_navigation template, so can't work out why it will not work.
I have disabled all other addons, but still nothing.
Any ideas @Russ ?
I just installed this and it appears to be working:


Double check it's working in the default style on your site.

Further debugging will require an account login via a ticket.
Well, adding the code in manually still doesn't show a functional # on the bubble. I'm curious if there's something else being added that we're missing outside of a template mod. I saw your post on the support thread, we can wait to see what they say.
Looks like the developer applied a fix. We use macros to easily place the visitor tabs in different areas: default/staff bar/header area/top bar ect... was conflicting. Glad they got it sorted!

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