I have found a lot helpful tips looking through these forums, but i couldn't find one for this issue i am facing.
The alert balloon is not inline when the nav bar is floating. I got the alert number inline on non floating nav and thought i was set. Then scrolled down and the balloon in fully at the top. I had to use Margin -45 to make the alert even with inbox, but editing the Alert Balloon in Style Properties: Header and Navigation does not effect the floating nav.



P.S, that drop down edit is awesome, i thought you could only do that on mobile view?
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I have a temp fix i guess will do for now.
.navTabs .navLink .itemCount
    position: static !important;
    padding: 1px 2px;
    margin-top: 18px;
.navTabs .navLink .itemCount .arrow
display: none !important;

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