I have tried for quite some time and unsuccessfully might I say, to change the alert link colours.
I have tried using various different methods, but none seem to work and I just can't find the correct property within the style.

I really would appreciate a pointer on this one. Sorry to trouble you.

Many thanks
Kind regards
Hey @Glockie

Check out Style Properties -> Header and Navigation -> Alert Balloon


You'll also want to adjust the color set on Alert Balloon Arrow too

Technically we recently added a color property to adjust these globally but I'm not entirely sure if Splash is updated to it yet.
It is actually controlled by secondary content link which would change a lot. This will target just the links in the menu.

#AlertsMenu a.PopupItemLink {
color: red;

You're right there - it did/does. Too much.
Okay thanks for that, I appreciate it.
The theme's brilliant, but when viewing links on mobile, they are very difficult to spot.
So thanks for that.

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