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  1. Russ

    Russ Designer

    Thank you to everyone's patience in this update. We usually strive for getting out updates out as soon as possible but this instance time was not on our side! We want to thank everyone for their continued support as Pixel Exit continues to grow and become a stronger presence in the XenForo style community.

    In regards to this update it's primarily bug fixes and various improvements, the official change log can be found here:

    For our logged in licensed users you can view a full resource in regards to the social icons which have been added here:

    Also on top of that make sure to check out our Resources area as we have some really cool tutorials setup for people.

    If anyone has suggestions feel free to post them here:

    All customers can download the latest updates in the license area under Styles.

    Thank you all!
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  2. Russ

    Russ Designer

    Just to follow up with this, if anyone has any suggestions for the next version of XenBase please feel free to post it here:

    While XenBase does have a ton of features, we're constantly evaluating what would be good for the framework and all of our styles.

    Also don't forget that we've been pushing our resources here:

    Which are some really nice enhancements you can easily do to your style. A lot of them are just CSS edits you can place in your extra.css.

    Thanks everyone.
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