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Links to a specific post scrolls a little too far (I think the anchor is scrolling to the top of the window, but the floating headers are covering the top of the post).

Where it's scrolling:

Where it should be scrolling:


Pixel Exit Staff
I **think** with the new sub nav height settings we added in the 1.4.5 option we can calculate this automatically now. This setting was used to help adjust if say you have the nav tabs height set 90, but the subnav at like 40, it would of messed up. With the new heights separately defined I think we can get rid of this one, but I'll double check :)

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I just noticed a similar issue when clicking on the reply to message button. It drops to the bottom of the footer and shows this half covered reply box

It should be more like this

Is there a setting to fix this too?

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Thanks @Steve I wasn't sure if it was a link issue like above or not. Thought I would ask anyway and if it can be fixed, great, if not, oh well LOL
It's still and awesome style and I like your work and support :)


Pixel Exit Staff
Marking this original report as a not a bug as it just needed the anchor adjustment.

Regarding the editor honestly I'm not entirely sure of a fix. Not sure why this has stayed in open bugs for so long :D

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