Apex and Adara styles launched

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    Today we're bringing you two brand new styles: Apex and Adara.

    Apex - is a lightweight dark style using only CSS backgrounds and minimal images for icons. Easily change the dominant blue color within the color palette to what you like.

    Adara - is Greek for beautiful, and that's exactly what this is. Adara is a beautifully contrasted style which uses a light content area with dark surroundings. It's built off our XenBase framework which gives you the ability to enhance the style even further.

    To view a live demo of Apex click here

    To view a live demo of Adara click here

    Each style costs $25 and is built off our XenBase framework. You can read more about our XenBase Framework here.

    Thank you everyone, for any questions feel free to submit a ticket or email us at @ support @ pixelexit.com
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