hi, I just bought this style and noticed the post box is a little out of whack. Maybe I missed a setting please? Using iPhone 7.
Yeah thanks. I uploaded another of the same style, it looks fine in mobile view. I hardly made any changes this time. Next to no extra css added. Apart from just some changes in theme options, I added l for avatar instead of m. What I have done shouldn’t effect the post reply box. Though it happened again as seen in screenshot. But never know I guess without you guys checking it out. The styles are a bit messed up at the moment. But VIPR Dark 2018 theme which now has the issue to has had not much done to it would be good to debug mate thanks.
Ok, this is doing it again on mobile, like just suddenly started today with no edits made.

EDIT: it was my fault, i fixed this gap which caused it, will have to make do with a gap there.


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