Pixel Exit Staff
Frag Zone went through a major overhaul so please make backups of your style prior to upgrading.

Part of the revamp included re-coding a lot of the header. Now it conforms to the traditional XenBase layouts rather than the logo being split off.

Next lets talk about the navigation icons. I've added support for a ton of plugins/tabs out of the box using Font Awesome Icons now. By default Frag Zone will load Font Awesome navigation icons, you can disable them and go back to using images if you'd like by going to : Style Properties -> Frag Zone Properties.

I've created a resource here: which will tell you exactly how to add new icons via Font Awesome or images.

Thank you everyone for your patience in this update.
That is more of a simple CSS "hack" to get it working. Technically with how the XenForo Navigation JS is setup there was a lot of instances where the float logo right just didn't work.

I'm still searching for a proper method of doing it with an option like before.

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