XF 1.x ATTN: Fusion Gamer Customers (1.5.6)


Pixel Exit Staff
Fusion Gamer 1.5.6 has gone under a bit of a revamp.

First off the font, I made a decision to change the font-family Fusion Gamer uses by default. Going forward it will use: Montserrat as the primary font family as I think it's a nice looking font. If you want to go back to the old look you can simply head to: Style Properties -> [XB] General Setup -> Primary Font-Family, replace the contents of it with the following:
'Trebuchet MS',Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif

Secondly I completely re-coded the User Panel. We were using an old sprite to cover all of the buttons which of course made it very difficult for additional languages. It's now using pure HTML/CSS with no images being loaded at all. It's fully phrased so if you use additional languages it'll inherit. There is no phrase for "CPANEL" so we're using a custom property you can edit: Style Properties -> Fusion Gamer Properties. I also changed the wording on the property to simply: Enable Fusion Gamer Panel and added an option to enable/disable the logout button.

Thank you all!

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