Awesome styles, amazing prices, outstanding support


I seriously don't know how to express my admiration for @Russ and everyone at After upgrading four forums from Xenforo 2.1.1 to 2.1.2 and importing the updated PixelExit style to 2.1.2 (which by the way was made available very quickly after the XF release), One of those forums had an issue with displaying the sidebar. It displayed correctly in the XF default style but not in the PixelExit style.

I submitted a support ticket to PixelExit and the issue was identified and fixed within 2 hours.

Subsequently, after all the original help from @Russ and now that the site was functioning correctly, I was trying to fix something fairly minor on the site (it was late, I was tired and hungry, and I obviously vastly overrated my ability to focus) and I managed to trash the customizations for the style.

Talk about above and beyond: @Russ came to the rescue again, fixing code on his mobile phone, and managed to restore the customizations.

Their products are awesome. Their prices are more than reasonable. And their support is simply the best I have ever experienced.

Just amazing! I cannot recommend them highly enough. :)

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