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I have been using this style and have enjoyed it. With updates in the future coming for xenforo I have not really messed around too much with modifying it however I would love to start working on some back grounds to go with the style kind of like how you can do with fusion gamer.

I am not an experienced coder so I know there are options to make a background image auto size for a screen, however the program itself for someone like me was too complicated to try and get working, so this long winded message was to suggest if this is something that can be added to the detour style on its next update?

thank you
Went ahead and moved your thread, for future reference go ahead and post in the Detour section for support :D.

As for the background, it's easily changeable, you can go to Style Properties -> General -> and change it. Did you have an idea of what you'd want exactly?

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