Hey Russ,

I am trying to give my forum a more retro look and thought of introducing the attached image as a background image. What would be the best way to do this on this style so it flowed nicely and did not look our of place.

You could try using the backstretch script:

Style Properties -> [XB] General Setup,

Enable backstretch then set the path, like styles/core/xenforo/bg.jpg.

It stretches the background and keeps it as you flow, stretches it to different resolutions the best it can.
Just one more thing now that I have setup the background image I think the jump to top and bottom arrows need to be made a bit darker to stand out more as they a bit hard to see now lol So how do I do this one then :D
:) Appreciate it!

Style Properties -> [XB] General Setup Left side has the button controls(you may need to brighten it on the opacity)

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