Trying to use this image as the header background (we set forum to 100% width and wide so only want some showing at the top) if we set it in general > html to the image it shows but does not stretch it properly, even when adding backstretch, any ideas?

When I say not stretching it only shows the top wing bit, we want the faces of the dragon/giant showing in a small header part where the logo is but stretched across.



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Could you screenshot your page with it set as the backstretch?

You could also try setting the background image on HTML, and putting:


Inside the misc field.
OK, that fixed the issue but the bottom of the image shows in the footer bit where xenforo link is and sometimes it does not, anyway to stop that (is it due to backstretch?) so it only shows a solid colour on that bit and not the bottom of the image, if not I'll have to colour the bottom to match the forum, is it 141414 on that bit or solid black?

One additional thing, I have a user upgrade enabled but cannot seem to get it to show on the navigation bar, have I overlooked a setting as I can get it on a fresh theme install, thanks.
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By user upgrade what are you referring too, like in the user menu the account upgrades link isn't showing?

As for that, can you try upgrading your browser to the latest firefox? There was a bug that was fixed recently that caused the issue.
I am not using Firefox and the 'Upgrade' or whatever it shows on the navigation bar is not appearing where 'Home' and 'Forum' are for example, it does it if I switch theme so I was wondering if there is a setting or it needs a custom navigation bar added to show it.

Also, going to reply to the inbox - cheers.
If I send you an inbox can you help me sort the background/width out if I give you the admin information as we just moved hosts and fresh install but the image is not constantly showing.
Managed to center the logo but is that what is causing these issues on phone/tablet?


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