While doing my backgrounds setup in Omni (and utilizing the Canvas page setup), I noticed that only the Default backstretch option works - the Header (for instance), does not show up at all. Is there a way to circumvent this? I wanted to have a header image in the Canvas setup, but not one that stretches across the entire page, just the top-centered portion of the forum.
Sadly it won't work that way. "header" is meant for the "logo block" which is removed by default in canvas. It'd be like enabling logo in navigation, same thing, wouldn't show there either. Can you screenshot where you want this to display?
More or less where the 'polka dot' rectangle is shown:

You could use our backstretch option to set a custom div to: .p-body-header

It'll be the page title, description and those buttons, not the breadcrumb itself but it might look nice if you used the div I mentioned.
I have no idea how to use divs (total noob that barely reads CSS) but thank you anyway, at least now I know what it would entail. I think I will stick with a full stretch background for now. :love:
On the back stretch option in the style properties, there's an option to set a custom div in the drop-down. Choose it then paste the class name above in the custom class field right below the drop-down.

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