Mason K.

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With Apex out of the box can I make my site boxed and have backgrounds? Like below?
While I understand this is in pre-sales from the screenshot you're already running it, however you're not showing as an active customer of ours. Can you confirm this?
Sorry for the misunderstanding Im actually showing a screenshot of a forum that already runs Apex, which is not my forum. The forum is
Gotcha, it's possible but to provide assistance the owner will need to ask the question in an appropriate place or they can also assign you as an authorized user to ask questions too
Sorry for the misunderstanding I am actually asking this question for my forum before I buy the theme, if whether or not I could do the same background feature as did straight out of the box.
Wondering if I did something wrong during the purchasing process of Apex @Russ or does it just take some time.

@Steve will take a look shortly to see if it came through on his end. We've had various reports on problems with the store but we can't reproduce it(works when we try and we have plenty of successful sales too).
It's been added to your account, apologies for the delay, you can find your download under the License link in the Products Menu.

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