Hello ,

i have a big probleme ... :'(

i juste goes to firefox and i saw that my forum is completely bug and uglier displaying on index ..
i have re uploaded the style cause the old one had been hacked templates .. (a old friend fixed me the firefox displaying) but now ... all is buged again and my old friend is not here anymore ..

look of this :

icons , width sidebar, forum title ,prefixe display, .... :( :( :(

if someone can help me and make me happyer like yesterday cause now am demoralised to see this on this style .. :(

PS : on chrome and safari , all good

site :
I'm assuming firefox is busted due to some bad CSS you have. There's quite a bit of CSS Firefox isn't rendering, it's not due to the style it's just CSS you've added that probably isn't well-formed. If you want to submit a support ticket I can look tonight.
Done , i juste submitted it .

and please russ , make a comparaison between safari,chrome and firefox .. you will see the difference on alot of things

on chrome and safari :


(title and sidebar width) --> not working on firefox

(icons and prefixe) --> not working of firefox
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AM not on siera
and my old coder friend fixed me all this ... but now i re uploaded the style cause of hacking (the old one) and i know nobody to fix me this (russ only :p)

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