XF 1.x Blacken Pro - Up and Down page thingy not working

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The up and down page thingy on the right is not working. It highlights on mouse over but doesn't move the page up or down when clicked on


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This is showing up in the browser console.
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'nodeName' of undefined

Also seems XenBase is missing the xengallery folder. Extract and then upload to the xenbase folder.

styles/xenbase/xengallery is what it should look like.

XenBase go to top/bottom doesn't work either so it is something on your site blocking the JS.


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It is definitely to do with that error as it doesn't show on those pages. Disable add-ons until that error is gone form the browser console. I can't even tell you where to start other than that.

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I got lucky LOL it was 3rd from the top
Cliptheapex.com's Countdown Timer
When disabled the error went away and up down arrows are now working on all pages.
Thanks again, like I said I don't use it but the members will be happy :):):):)

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