Fixed Blackend Pro 1.5.6 Account Drop down

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Bug Report Details:Account drop down looses BookMark when FA Icons are enabled.


Is there some way to fix this?


Pixel Exit Staff
Ya I noticed this last night, we're currently putting the links in a new template which is causing issues. We need to place them back in the navigation_visitor_tabs, for now you can use the RM tutorial to apply them and disable our option.

I think we'll be sending out a patch to address a few things after we collect a bit more feedback on things.


Pixel Exit Staff
So... I believe this should be adjusted in our 1.5.7. I've moved our edits back into the navigation_visitor_tab template allowing the template mods to apply.

That being said... the way the third party add-ons are being added you may need to either:
  • Enable debug mode and edit the template modification
  • Some add-ons use a template to add the link which you may need to modify

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