I am close to commit suicide….

I set up everything as Russ told me to do:


Love that style and found most of the functions important to me…but one thing makes me crazy:
Somehow i got that icons that i marked on the screenshot….they seem to come from the default theme.
(It's in all of them, even in the original Blackend Pro)


I cannot find any option anywhere to switch that off.

And a check of the source code within the browser showed up this:


But i cannot find that elsewhere in the style or template settings...

Please give me a hint how to get rid of this to have this look only:


Please help !

Thx in advance and kind regards
That seems to be the reason to me too.
I set it up with my testing-environment and it works there.
My suspect is The Brivium Custom Nodestyle add-on.
Is there any way you can analyize that ?
If possible i would like to keep that add-on for my other, older Styles...

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