As usual, this may be a bug but might just be me :p

Also, I couldn't test it on the demo site as you don't have a Help forum there.

When you change solutions, a popup overlay appears quoting the content that was the previous solution and asks if you want to change it to the new solution. The quoted text that's in the overlay is not styled (in our case on a dark style, the text was dark on dark whereas the original content being quoted was light on dark).


Screenshot 2021-09-11 at 11.18.58.png

is quoting this post

Screenshot 2021-09-11 at 11.19.06.png


Pixel Exit Staff
This in extra.less should help for now:

.block-rowMessage .bbCodeBlock-content {
    color: @xf-textColor;

Additionally, you may want to go to the color palette and change "Accent 1" to something like:


Bolt dark is getting a bit of an overhaul in our update to help with some contrast issues. The solutions area is one of those bits resolved (like the green is nasty :D )


Pixel Exit Staff
Bolt's Dark overhaul helped with this. I'm going to be suggesting a tweak on XF side of things as honestly having a quote inside an alert block is a little strange.

This is the default style and it looks bad.


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