using bolt v3 and switching the share buttons to square or circle, when viewing it on mobile iPhone 11 max pro, the share button does not show.

if I leave it on default then you can see 1 share icon, but if we switch to square or circle nothing shows, seems to be a color mismatch. I downloaded a new theme and installed it with no color changes just changing those 2 options square and or circle.

also just asking- why do they not all show like on the desktop? would be cool if they did when viewing with your phone
( it would fill the empty block when turning your iPhone sideways or maybe even when viewing with iPad.?)

thanks again
This is more than likely related to your other thread. XF introduced a new share approach to replace the buttons in mobile.
Ok. Just noting that when leaving in default it shows just the one share icon
But when switching to circle or blocked icons. The one share icon does not show but it’s there if you click your finger in it.

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