I think this is a bug but I could be wrong (it might be intended?).

I tested this on my fresh Bolt Canvas install as well as on the demo here.

The fontweight on the What's New page is ignored.

It should be using this:

.is-unread .structItem-title {
    font-weight: 600;

but it's not as something else takes precedence.
I think this is because a weight (500) is set on the linkcolor and in What's New there's nothing else to take precedence. Taking that weight off linkcolor seemed to fix it.
Looks to be! I'll make an adjustment.

I think this in extra.less should work:

.is-unread .structItem-title a {
    font-weight: 600;
Should work. I think what I'll do is add a weight class in the typography options which should have normalize this.
So I made a few adjustments here. Bolt is a little unique because we apply font-weight 500 on ALL the links. I've backed this off so thread + node titles are font-weight 400 (default), unread goes to bold. Other links are still semi-bold to 500.

Additionally, I've added a new font-weight under Typography labeled @xf-fontWeightMedium, while this won't appear in the dropdowns for the fonts, you can still call it to keeps things uniform.

You can technically remove your CSS I posted when you upgrade.

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