I am trying to create a button to serve as a link to join our Discord server that matches the rest in my style. However I am struggling to make it fill the width of the widget it is placed in.

The top part of this image is what I am getting - the bottom half is what I would like:


Here is the code I am using:

<p><a class="button primary" href="">Join Server</a></p>

Any help would be appreciated - thanks!
Without seeing it (can't see it logged out)...and assuming it's in the sidebar try:

.sidebar .secondaryContent .button.primary {
    display: inline-block;
Thanks @Russ!

That doesn't work, but if I change "display: inline-block;" to "width: 100%;" it works - is it bad practise to do this, or should I try and nail down why inline-block isn't working?

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