So on this image I have 3 different looking buttons, navy-round, blue-round and navy-square.

Is there any way to easily make them consistent?

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 21.56.38.png
Did you by chance change the button radius in the properties somewhere? As for consistent colors, you just need to adjust them under the style properties > buttons.
The radius is a bug, I'll adjust it for the next release. Color wise:

Style Properties -> Buttons -> Button - call to action, you can change the color to match Button - default if you want. It's different color by design though.

To match the other border radius for now, add:
border-radius: 100px;

To the extra box of: Button - base.
Not explicitly. I selected "round" for the xbButtonStyle option.

I fixed the colours. I'd forgotten that there were both default buttons and "primary" buttons.

Ya bug, my post above with the 100px border-radius should fix it. It's fixed for the next release already though.

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